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Fast And Up (Fast & Up) Reload Energy Instant Hydration Sports Drink


1. Contains maltodextrin and fructose for instant and sustained energy

2. Right proportion of electrolytes for instant replenishment

3. Available in citrus and berry flavour

4. Suitable for vegetarians

5. Fast moving and highly rated


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Fast And Up (called Fast & Up) Reload is a sports drink supplement to boost your energy levels and keep you exercising for longer.

Do you find that your workouts are not getting any more intense despite you trying your best to work harder?

Then you might be deplete of important minerals and salts that you need to keep going.

Fast And Up (Fast & Up) Reload

This is a revolutionary new supplement that not only helps replenish your salts and energy but also tastes great too!! It is available as an effervescent tablet that dissolves in water instantly.

Just drop a tablet in 250 ml of water and you have yourself an energy drink that will stimulate your workout in minutes.

How Fast And Up Can Change Your Workout

Below is a list of ingredients in one tablet of Fast & Up Reload.

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As you can see, this product is packed with the essential salts such as sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium which we all lose during a hard workout.

The maltodextrin and fructose are instant release carbohydrates that provide you with an energy and stamina boost during a work out. Just what you need to go that extra mile.

The vitamin D3 and calcium help restore muscle energy levels and reduce fatigue.

Other advantages include it being gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Fast & Up Reload is available in 2 flavours that will suit your taste buds. Flavours include citrus and berry.

How To Use

Drop one tablet of Fast And Up (Fast & Up) Reload into 250 ml water and drink immediately or during your workout. Each tube has 20 tablets.

Any Side Effects?

No side effects have been reported by the manufacturer as such. However, always use any supplement with caution and make sure your doctor gives you the all clear before you do so.

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